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This is the first step to creating one of the best racing websites around

5/13/04- it was announced that fans will be able to vote in one extra racer to the Nextel Challenge, Carl Long who has never driven a car that was up to speed, has recently purchased a much improved 2004 dodge and will attempt to win the Nextel open, however if he does not win he could still be voted in, this guy is a true racer who hasnt yet caught a break and sincerely deserves this as much or more than anyone, the garunteed check of 75 grand is a nice payout and could help carl improve his self owned team, wouldnt you love to be a part of a driver breaking through? For more information on voting, visit and/or
News for the site
because im dealing with a hectic schedule developing the site hasnt gone as quickly is planned, driver/team pages, along with the racing awards pages have been postponed until mid June.
3/20/04- Its the day before the Florida Dodge Dealers 400, this is the first entry to SLRACING NEWS,
Kasey Kahne won the pole for tomorows race, everything was nearly routine in qualifying except for a few surprises...Michael Waltrip didnt even attempt to qualify and earned to 38th starting sport with a provisional. Derrike Cope and Ken Schrader suprised a few people with their qualifying efforts, especially Cope, they start 5th and 16th...Morgan Shepherd qualified ahead of Michael on speed, he'll start 37th...After the 98 team listed Larry Gunselmann on the entry list but have decided to put Todd Bodine in the Car for sundays race. The part timers in this race include: Shepherd, Bodine, Andy Belmont, Kirk Shelmerdine, Andy Hillenburg, and Joe Ruttman. The only driver with a DNQ added to his resume was Stanton Barett.

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