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The Packers Slaughter the Coyboys at home

Grady Makes Quick Impression
Grady Jackson was listed as Questionable. He was expected to sit out. But he had other plans. "I might put coach in a headlock and not let go until he says i can play" Mike Sherman never reported assault and battery, but I wouldn't either If I had Cullen Jenkins starting. Right off the bat, Grady's Impression was felt. on the first play Grady Exploded through the line and contributed to the tackle. Look for Green Bay's Defense to only get better with Grady playing more snaps each week.
Jue Impresses Filling in for Shaprer
Almost every fan of the Pack was worried if Darren Sharper went down with an injury. They were even more worried when Bhawoh Jue came in to replace him. But all Packer fans were impressed with his performance. The last time he saw 'base d' action he was being burned in two consecutive games in the mid stages of the 03 season. He has become accustomed to overcoming adversity. At the beginning of the season he was moved from CB to SS. Ahead of him were Mark Roman and Marques Anderson. He was third on the depth chart, "I was extremly dissapointed, but i didn't give up." Despite much critisizm, Head Coach/ GM Mike Sherman traded Anderson away for two conditional picks. This gave the second spot to Jue. Now when pro-bowler Sharper goes down, its up to #21. He would eventually go on to lead the Pack with seven tackles, and to many fans' surprise, no blown assignments.
Next week Sharper may not play, due to a sprained PCL. "I can do the job...I'm going to prepare to start, whether he (Sharper) can go or not." We shall see.
Walker Rising Further each Game
The Packers' star reciever was impressive again. and still leads the NFL in yards recieving.

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